…a little bit of history

Starting with a gift of a beautiful copper pot given by her dear friend, legendary restaurateur Anders Ousback, jam-maker Robbie Howard began the Lynwood Preserves journey in the late 1980s.


With her treasured copper pot, Robbie began making small individual batches of delicious jams, marmalades, chutneys and relishes using the best locally-sourced fresh produce.


As her preserves grew in popularity, in 1998 Robbie and her family opened the highly-acclaimed Lynwood Café in a beautifully restored 1930’s bakery in the quaint country town of Collector in New South Wales. The aim was to showcase the wonderful range of Lynwood Preserves in a ‘scones with home-made jam’ tea shop.


Top chef, Andy Bunn, joined the team to launch Lynwood Café. Robbie, Andy and the family business went from success to success and Lynwood Café became an award-winning restaurant serving Sydney Morning Herald ‘One Hat’ food for almost a decade. In 2009, the family decided to close Lynwood Café to purely focus on producing their wonderful preserves.

Rob Broadbent takes pride in continuing to ensure his mother’s high quality preserve-making practices are maintained at Lynwood Preserves.

Lynwood Preserves has a profound sense of respect for authenticity, growers and the land and this is reflected in their quality range Australian-made preserves.

Today, Robbie’s son, Rob Broadbent and his wife run Lynwood Preserves. Rob has over 25 years’ experience in the restaurant and catering business, opening the popular The Jersey Cow, Sea Cow and Buzo restaurants in Sydney.

Rob takes pride in continuing to ensure that his mother’s traditional high quality preserve-making practices are maintained as the business grows and is enhanced by modern equipment to meet exacting high manufacturing standards.

Underscoring everything Lynwood does is a profound sense of respect for authenticity, quality, growers and the land – and it’s based around a strong and enduring family tradition that Robbie Howard established.

Lynwood Preserves are made in a HACCP accredited facility in Sydney NSW Australia. The family-owned company supplies preserves to Qantas and many other corporate clients as well as gourmet wholesalers and providores.