Mum’s Sponge Cake

200 gm     Fine caster sugar
200 gm     Plain flour (sifted 3 times)
6                Eggs
400 ml      Cream
1 jar          Lynwood Strawberry Pinot jam

Firstly get your 20cm cake tin and grease with butter and line the sides and base with sugar.  (You may prefer to use greaseproof paper for the base!) Then place this in the fridge to cool. Heat a metal mixing bowl over a pot of hot water with the sugar and eggs for a 3 minutes.  Be sure not to let the eggs cook! Place in the mixer and beat to the ribbon.  Add in grated lemon rind OR vanilla essence if desired.  You can also use ½ a fresh vanilla pod.

Remove from the mixer and fold in sifted flour using a metal spoon. Gently lift the spoon and turn the bowl being sure not to knock out any of the light fluffiness! Pour mixture into your chilled cake tin(s) (you can either divide the mixture into 2 tins or if you only have one you can cut it in half later)  I think it’s easier and less messy to use one!Serve with whipped cream and lashings of Strawberry Pinot jam (I used a whole jar!!)

Enjoy with a cup of tea any time of day or night.  A very quick and easy thing to whip up at short notice!  Let’s face it, even the most basic kitchens have flour, sugar and eggs on hand!Although this is mum’s recipe, her mother used to drizzle some melted butter into the mix before pouring into the tin!  Not sure of the benefits?  Perhaps just tradition?